Thank you for marching with us!

We want to thank everyone who came out on April 22nd to participate in the March for Science. We hope you were inspired and energized by our wonderful group of speakers, science story tellers, and exciting science demonstrations. We especially want to thank our many volunteers and generous donors who made the event an amazing success - we could not have done it without all your help and hard work!

The organizers of March for Science New Haven were thrilled with the overwhelming show of support on Saturday from over 3,000 people willing to brave the elements to champion a more rational and informed debate of science policy in the USA. We would like to extend our thanks to all volunteers, speakers, and attendees who made the event such a roaring success. We were inspired and encouraged by the speakers’ thoughtful, insightful, and deeply personal stories regarding their experience and expectations for the future of science. While the speakers’ words were entirely their own, we regret one comment made regarding the appointment of the incoming acting Surgeon General. This does not reflect the values of the March for Science. Nursing is the foundation of our health care system and nurses are at the forefront of developments in biomedical science, clinical practice, and public health. Deservedly, nurses are also experienced leaders in many areas of science, administration, and public policy. We are delighted that Professor Nancy Redeker of the Yale School of Nursing has agreed to join the ATCT New Haven Science subcommittee and we look forward to working with her to ensure that the views of this important profession are fully represented in the ongoing debate.

This march is only the beginning - we are the Science Action Subgroup of the New Haven County Chapter of Action Together Connecticut and we will continue working to promote and support scientific research, education and communication at the national, state and local levels. If you are interested in joining our group or another local chapter please visit Action Together Connecticut for more information.

View all of the images from the march in our Google Photo Album

See all of the images from the march in our Google Photo Album


The March for Science demonstrates our passion for science and sounds a call to support and safeguard the scientific community. Recent policy changes have caused heightened worry among scientists. The incredible and immediate outpouring of support has made clear that these concerns are shared and supported by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

We are people who value science and recognize how science serves. We come from all races, all religions, all gender identities, all sexual orientations, all abilities, all socioeconomic backgrounds, all political perspectives, and all nationalities. Our diversity is our greatest strength: a wealth of opinions, perspectives, and ideas is critical for the scientific process.

A universal human curiosity and dogged persistence is the greatest hope for the future. This movement cannot and will not end with a march. The mischaracterization of science as a partisan issue, which has given policymakers permission to reject overwhelming evidence, is a critical and urgent matter. It is time for people who support scientific research and evidence-based policies to take a public stand and be counted.



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